Statement on move to Dalymount Park

On Tuesday October 4th a statement released by Shelbourne Football Club confirmed the news that the Club would be leaving Tolka Park – its official home since 1989 – and moving into a ground-sharing arrangement with Bohemian Football Club in Dalymount Park.

This is a sad occurrence in the 121 year history of the Reds and one that we at The 1895 Trust did not want to see. It must be noted that if this was a move to a brand new stadium elsewhere in the city it would be greeted positively. As it is the Club and us, the fans, are being moved into the home of our nearest rivals.

It will only become possible to assess whether this is an acceptable solution for the short to medium term future of the club when full details of the deal are known.

The 1895 Trust lobbied for a retention and upgrade of Tolka Park. We did not lobby for a move to Dalymount Park at any stage and we call on the board to name the supporters groups that they, in their statement, say were in favour of this move.

The manner in which the deal was done did not do justice to the legions of Shelbourne fans who hold the club dear. Very little information was made public by Shels, despite Bohs frequently discussing elements of the negotiations with the media.

The fact of the matter is that the club is being uprooted from what is, for many, the only home of Shelbourne they have ever known. This was done with no input from those who pay to watch the Reds every week. In other words: the fans.

With that The 1895 Trust again calls for change in the way the Club is run. The lifeblood of any football club is the fans and yet, in this case, they have been marginalised. Again we propose that fan ownership is the only way forward for Shelbourne and it has been made clear by the current board that all options will be explored when the time comes. Further details of our proposals can be found in our business plan.

We will continue to lobby for fan representation on the steering committee which will implement many of the terms of the Dalymount deal as we feel it is imperative that the Club and the fans go into the new ground on an equal footing with Bohemians in every regard including a club shop, bar etc.

The Trust is bound by a previous members vote in favour of not supporting the Club at any ground other than Tolka Park for home games. Therefore we will hold an EGM in due course where another vote will be taken in light of Tuesday’s news.

The 1895 Trust Committee.

Final version of our Business Plan 

Final version of our Business Plan

Meeting on September 1st, 7:15pm in the Bar @ Tolka

Plan and Pledge

We have received a number of contributions to this final document and we’d like to thank everyone who contributed.  We will be seeking endorsement for the final version and will be launching our members and supporters pledge campaign.  Within the document is the figure for the Trust’s current cash in our bank account and PayPal account and also our new pledge form.  See the following link: Final Business Plan 2016
We are aiming to reach a six figure sum between pledges and actual cash on hand in the medium term.  We are asking Trust member to ask themselves one question and to answer it honestly.  How much financially would I be willing and able to contribute at this time if an opportunity arose for there to be fan ownership – broadly in line with the contents of our business plan – of the club?  I would encourage people to think seriously about that question and to read through the plan.


New Committee Members

We would also encourage people to think about coming forward to join the committee.  In the next couple of months a number of members will reach their term limit.  If you are interested in joining the committee then either contact us by email on or come forward on the night to talk to any committee member.  The commitment required is approximately one committee meeting every two weeks during the season and one meeting every 3-4 weeks in the post season.  There are defined roles with support available from previous and current members of the committee.  As one of the members stepping down after this upcoming meeting I can personally say that the committee has been a supportive environment that allows people with different abilities to flourish.  It was an enjoyable experience with plenty of fun had and new friends made over my two years on the committee.


Brian Stafford,
1895 Trust Chairperson,
On behalf of the Trust Committee.