The Trust has established the below membership packages:

€5 a month: A commemorative badge celebrating Shelbourne Ladies 2016 historic treble triumph, 1 ticket for our end of season raffle and full membership of the Trust.

€10 a month: As above plus an additional raffle ticket.

€20 a month: All rewards for proceeding levels plus a second commemorative badge celebrating Shelbourne Ladies 10th Anniversary.

€50 a month: All rewards for proceeding levels and a Shelbourne mug from the 1895 Trust RedBubble online shop.

Please click here to be taken to our registration process. Membership of the Trust is valid from the time the payment plan is established and will lapse upon cancellation. Three consecutive months of payments are required before the rewards can be redeemed. You can also sign up by Standing Order. Please click here for the form.

As a one member, one vote organisation, all members’ say is equal no matter what amount they give. For students and the unwaged, we are happy to keep our pay what you want membership scheme (15 Euro minimum) open, payable in cash at every home game.

Why are you offering reoccurring memberships?

The Trust’s aims of fan ownership and securing the club in a sustainable stadium situation will require significant financial backing. Here are just a few figures from other clubs:

-Drogheda United’s examinership process saw their fans raise €300,000.

-Shamrock Rovers’ examinership process also entailed a significant six figure sum followed by a €500,000 bid from Ray Wilson and the 400 club combined.

-FORAS had raised €140,000 when they were awarded a license as Cork City Foras Co-op.

-FC United have raised over 2 million pounds to fund their ground.

Small, one off annual fees, given the size of our fanbase, are unfortunately not enough to raise these amounts. Further fundraising may also be required further down the road, but we feel this is a good start.

How does the Trust administer funds?

The 1895 Trust is a registered co-operative with the Register of Friendly Societies, meaning the Trust must submit annual audited accounts with details of income and expenditure. Payments from our bank accounts also require two signatories from committee members and a full financial report is provided to member’s every year at our AGM.

What will the money be used for? 

There are significant running costs the Trust incurs every year (audit fees, insurance, other administrative costs), which leaves us very little room to undertake other initiatives, such as campaigning or investment in strategic assets which might assist the club. Any single item of expenditure over €500 must be approved by a SGM/AGM of the Trust and proper proposals will always be presented to members for how the money is to be used.