Committee of Management

  • Martin Grehan
  • Gavin Doherty
  • Sarah Frazer
  • Gareth Murray
  • Darren Cleary

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The purpose of the below descriptions is to aid members in deciding on whether to run for committee, as well as preparing a roadmap for the future working of the committee.
– Chairing Committee meetings and General members meetings
– Act as the public face of the Committee of Management.
– Use their casting vote at Committee meetings and AGMs.
– Must delegate but be prepared to take responsibility where appropriate .
•  Experience of chairing and facilitating meetings
•  Ability to work with different groups and interests, listen to their concerns and chart a plan of action
•  Excellent communication skills
– To ensure that the company complies with the law and observes its own regulations, by fulfilling:
• Statutory duties;
• Duty of disclosure;
• Duty to exercise due care, skill and diligence, and
• Administrative duties, including:
– To organise and issue timely notice for the AGM and to include all required documentation with the notice
– To take, prepare, amend and store minutes from all Committee meetings as well as General Meetings and the AGM of the Trust– To maintain all legally required registers
– To ensure that all required policies and procedures are in place, are fully implemented, and are monitored and evaluated on an annual basis
– To protect members’ interests and see that the Trust’s constitution is adhered to at all times
– To seek outside help if any concerns are raised
– To send all rules changes and other relevant decisions made at members’ meetings, to the Register of Friendly Societies.
– To deal with all correspondence to the Trust
– To ensure the Trust’s directors retire and that that new directors are elected on an annual basis in accordance with the relevant legal requirements
• Experience in note taking and administration
• Detailed understanding of the responsibilities of a secretary under Company Law
• Attention to detail, particularly in written communication
• Familiarity with Company Law in relation to co-operative societies
Financial Officer 
– Ensure that members are kept informed of the financial situation of the Trust
– Approval of expense payments and authorised cheque signatory
– Oversight of the Trust’s financial assets including bank accounts
– Prepare and present financial reports, including a Cash Flow Forecast, to the Committee of Management on a monthly or quarterly (as required)
– Prepare and present financial reports at general members’ meetings and the AGM
• Education in accountancy or financial management
• Experience of producing Cash Flow Forecasts, managing cash-flows and bank accounts
• Budgeting experience
Membership and Volunteering Officer 
-Manages the Trust’s Online and Offline membership systems, working with the secretary to maintain an accurate record of membership.
-Manages this record of members in a responsible manner and in line with data protection guidelines.
-Responsible for membership drives and recruitment, working with the PRO on these initiatives.
-Sources and manages volunteers for Trust activities in line with the Trust’s policies and in line with legal guidelines and regulations, with special regard to Child Protection and Garda Vetting.
– Responsible for the formulation, implementation and monitoring of the Trust’s Child Protection policies.
• Ability to manage records in an accurate manner
• Experience in assessing skill sets and managing volunteers
• Management, co-ordination and communication skills
Fundraising Officer 
-Responsible for sourcing ideas for fundraising and ensuring their successful execution, subject to Committee of Management approval.
-Works with the treasurer to plan and execute events in order to maximise profits for the Trust from fundraising activities
• Background in marketing/charitable fundraising
• Event management experience
Community Officer 
-Responsible for acting as a liaison between the Trust, the board of the Shelbourne FC football club, and other groups within the Shelbourne FC community (under age section, fans groups, etc.)
-Also responsible for any charitable or community based initiatives undertaken by the Trust.
• Detailed understanding of the Shelbourne FC community and the groups and organisations within it
• Experience in community based work such as coaching, education and charitable activities
Public Relations Officer 
-Responsible for communications with members, other trusts and the general public.
-Writes press releases, membership updates and content for social media and the Trust’s website.
-Acting as spokesperson for the Trust in media outlets.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Background in media and/or public relations
• Contacts within local and national press