The 1895 Trust announces 2016 SGM, Elections and Membership Benefits

The 1895 Trust announces 2016 SGM, Elections and Membership Benefits

2016 SGM and elections to the Trust board: Our SGM for this year is going to be held in Tolka Park on April 21st at 7:30pm. This will be our 4th SGM, marking a significant milestone in our history.

One of the most important values within the Supporters Trust movement is good governance, and renewal of our board of management is a major part of that. To that end, founding and long serving board members will be stepping down in advance of this SGM.

Contested elections are a hallmark of a vibrant organisation, and along with a restructuring of the Trust we will be presenting at the SGM, will play an important part in ensuring renewal. We would urge as many members as possible to participate and details of how to submit nominations are available in the attached SGM notice.

Membership: For this year, we are keeping our pay what you can membership fee intact. This can be paid through a one off yearly payment, with a minimum fee of €15, but the majority of members are now on a reoccurring scheme through PayPal or Standing Order. We’d encourage you if you are on a PayPal payment to transfer to a standing order as it incurs less expense for the Trust. You can find a standing order form to present to your bank here or set up one online with the Trust’s bank details within the form. Don’t forget to quote your name and/or membership number on the standing order details.

Recurring membership carries with it a number of rewards and here’s what’s on offer for the 2016 season:

€5 a month: A commemorative badge celebrating the 20th Anniversary of our 1996 Cup Final triumph, full membership of the Trust.

€10 a month: As above plus entry to an end of season raffle for season tickets and merchandise.

€20 a month: All rewards for proceeding levels plus two extra entries to the end of season raffle.

€50 a month: All rewards for proceeding levels and a copy of Chris Sands’ new book on the history of the club.

You can find a standing order form to present to your bank here

Our current membership stands at 130, over 20% of our average home attendance last year. To ensure we stay strong and influential, we need to maintain or increase those numbers. Please sign up and encourage others to do the same.

The future of Shelbourne FC: As with all other fans of the club, we are anxious about the future of our great club, amidst the uncertainty over our financial position and the club’s potential involvement in a move to Dalymount Park.

The Trust and its members have always maintained a mutually and co-operatively fan owned club is the way forward. We’ve been working on a business plan to achieve this, along with some other initiatives which we feel will benefit the club. We hope to present these at our SGM and will provide a full update very soon.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 21st.

Many Thanks,

The Board of Management of the 1895 Trust.

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