A message to all members of The 1895 Trust

Many of you will have noticed that the Trust has not been as active over the past season. The reasons for this are complex, but in short: a combination of board member turnover, non-footballing commitments coming to the fore for some board members and a slowdown in member engagement (as anyone who was at the most recent AGM will attest to) were factors.


Throughout this time, there have been discussions taking place within the Trust on what the future should look like. Should the Trust continue to exist, given the change in ownership at the club? If so, what should our role be?


Over the past number of months, a consensus has emerged within our committee. This was discussed at the recent AGM, and endorsed by the members present.


At the time of writing, the signs are positive that the club’s new ownership are looking to address some of the areas which have been concern to supporters: areas like planning for the future, considering the options available for a long-term home for the club and investing thoughtfully in the playing and coaching staff. The Trust’s own engagement with the new ownership, although it has been limited so far, has also been positive.


That being said, no-one knows what the future holds. There are many variables in League of Ireland football even at the best of times – something Shels supporters know only too well.


The Trust’s committee feels that there will always be a place for the Trust – even if it is effectively as an insurance policy. The time may come when the Trust is called upon to play a more active role in the club, and when that time comes, the expertise and funds we have built up through our members’ contributions will be invaluable.


Until that time comes, the Trust will go on – although we, the committee, would like to be open with the members that the role we play now will not be as active a one as members have previously been accustomed to. We still intend to represent our members and will also look to resume hosting events as we have done in the past.


With that in mind, we would call on members who have let their membership lapse in recent months to rejoin – there are membership options starting from €5 a month – and encorage fellow Shelbourne fans to join the Trust.


As always, if you have any feedback, or you’d like to get involved, email us at shelstrust@gmail.com or just give one of us a shout at a match.


Yours in football,


The 1895 Trust Committee (Brian Stafford, Ciaran Doyne, Gavin Doherty and Niall Farrell)


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