Statement on Dalymount deal

As confirmed by last night’s City Council meeting, Dublin City Council have agreed a deal to purchase Dalymount Park, bringing the stadium into public ownership and clearing debts which relate to charges held over the ground by Zurich Bank and other creditors.

Numerous media reports have stated Shelbourne are excluded from the deal due to inability to secure the lease and opposition from “some” fans. The Trust feel it is important to clarify two things:
1. The lease is owned by developer Jerry O’Reilly, and any decisions pertaining to the lease must be made with his agreement.
2. The Trust was the only group to conduct a structured consultation with fans through a ballot of nearly 200 fans and two separate meetings on the matter.
Indications are that the Football Club may be invited back into the development process at a later stage.
The Trust is committed to working with all relevant stakeholders to keep our fans central to this process and will not waiver from the principle that the consent of our fanbase must be secured for any move away from Tolka Park.
Finally, the deal is a strong case study of the benefits of fan ownership. Officials, members and fans at Bohemians pulled together and lobbied hard to secure a deal, persuading the FAI and DCC that Dalymount was the right option. Unity at our own club is crucial and committing towards some common goals is the only way they can be achieved.

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