Ballot results & SGM

Ballot on the club’s future:

The results of the Trust’s ballot on the future of the club are in – and they are overwhelming. Shels fans, by a margin of 95% to 5%, are not in favour of a ground-share with Bohemians in Dalymount Park.

The Trust was looking for a mandate from the fans and this is a clear indication of the fans’ vision for the future of Shelbourne FC. The second balloted question on fan ownership was also crystal clear, Shelbourne fans voted 85.71% (156) for collective fan ownership and control, 9.34% (17) had no opinion and 4.95% (9) voted against.

The next steps are all-important now. The Shelbourne family now has to step up and express our wishes to the forces that wish to see us in Dalymount Park: clearly against our wishes. Those next steps will start immediately. We are asking all Shelbourne supporters to contact and e-mail their local TD’s and Councillors. We will have instructions on the best way to do that on our website soon.

Special General Meeting:

It is now very important that The 1895 Trust has a meeting of members and supporters to discuss how we campaign from this point on. We are calling a SGM for the 11th of May in the Bar in Tolka Park starting at 7:30pm. This is the starting point of the campaign for our voices to be heard and it is most important that as many Shels supporters as possible attend on the night.

Other Events and Notices:

– The 1895 Trust has 2015 Membership now open starting at €15 for the year. Please visit us at our stand by the club shop on match nights to discuss the options for membership including Standing Orders.

– On the 23rd of April at 7:30pm The 1895 Trust and the SSDG will be running a fund raising Table Quiz. Any campaign or project that the 1895 Trust runs now or in the future will require funding, to be as effective as possible. Please dig deep if you can to support the idea of fan ownership and a strong voice for the fans wishes.


1895 Trust.
Fan Vote Result.
Assuming no financial or other restrictions, what is your preferred location and arrangement for a future home for Shelbourne FC?
Stadium Vote Total Vote Percentage Vote
Redeveloped Tolka 115 64.25%
Groundshare Dalymount Park 9 5.03%
Greenfield Northside 11 6.15%
Municipal Ringsend/Irishtown 32 17.88%
Groundshare Home Farm 12 6.70%
Other 0 0.00%
Total Valid Poll 179
Total Spoiled Vote 5
Total Votes Cast 184


Question Asked. Do you believe Shelbourne FC should be owned , run and operated collectively by its fanbase?
Ownership Vote Total Vote Percentage Vote
Yes 156 85.71%
No 9 4.95%
No Opinion 17 9.34%
Total Valid Poll 182
Total Spoiled Vote 2
Total Votes Cast 184

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2 Responses to Ballot results & SGM

  1. nick farrell says:

    Look at the numbers that voted that’s the real story, end of. Its all very well people having an opinion on groundshare but will these people front up the money to repair tolka? Not a chance. We might as well go into the arrangement in a position of strength rather than later on when we are unable to continue in tolka going back with the begging bowl. PS the thoughts of having to leave tolka kill me too but its about securing the future of the club in senior football.

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