Statement on meeting between trust reps and BOM

“Representatives of the acting committee of the Shelbourne Supporters’ Trust met with the board of Shelbourne FC last Thursday, to discuss various aspects of the club’s future.

Chairperson Lee Daly, secretary Shane Folan, board liason Conor McManus and PRO Niall Farrell met with the board. Among the topics discussed were the ownership of the club and Tolka Park, and the engagement of the club with fans and the local community.

The concerns which were raised by the trust, which were originally mooted at the first meeting of the working group, were heard by the board. The board agreed to consider restructuring of the fans forum, with the trust recommending that it be increased in frequency to three times a year.

The board also agreed to take on concerns around communications to fans. Requests for help were also made to the trust- in particular volunteers for repairs around Tolka Park and on the club’s underage teams.

The trust representatives raised the prospect of the board meeting with reps from Supporters Direct Europe to map out a plan of stability for the club and the role the trust could play within that plan. This will be considered further at a future date.”

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