Retro Jersey – Order sent to O’Neills

We sold an amazing 255 jerseys in our first round of sales of the 92/93 retro jersey. Thanks so much for your support. The order has been passed onto O’Neills. It will take O’Neills 4 to 6 weeks to print the jerseys and return them to the Trust – we will then post them toContinue reading “Retro Jersey – Order sent to O’Neills”

92/93 Retro Jersey – On Sale Now

We’re delighted to announce that we can finally put the loving recreation of our 92/93 Jersey on sale in our online shop. The jersey is identical to the original, bar a small alteration to the crest to replace SHELBOURNE with THE AULD REDS.  Sale Window The jersey is on general sale from today, Friday Oct 15th. All ordersContinue reading “92/93 Retro Jersey – On Sale Now”