Our Aims:
-To ensure responsible stewardship of the history and traditions of Shelbourne FC.
-To protect and promote the ethos of volunteering at Shelbourne FC.
-To take a caring and positive role in promoting the needs and interests of Shelbourne FC supporters and the wider communities the club serves.
-To work towards a mutually fan owned Shelbourne FC.
-To work towards securing a permanent and appropriate home for Shelbourne FC, in line with the traditions of the club and the democratic will of the fans.
-To unite all Shelbourne supporters in pursuit of these aims.
Our values:
-Sustainability: We will aim to promote sustainability both within the Trust and Shelbourne FC
-Good governance: Using the co-op model the Trust will conduct its business in an open, transparent and inclusive way.
-Positivity: Obstacles are there to be overcome; if an idea is right let’s do all we can to make it happen.
-Pro-active communications: Committee members will report back to the general membership on a timely basis.
-Community: Good relationships, within the club and between the club and the wider community, are crucial for it to flourish.
-Inclusivity: We aim to make the Trust and Shelbourne FC accessible to all, and to actively challenge discrimination in all its forms.
We are working with Supporters Direct Europe, the experts on spectator involvement and ownership, to achieve these aims.

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