Trust celebrates FARE Football People Weeks

Shelbourne’s 2-0 win against Cobh Ramblers on Saturday was made part of FARE Football People Weeks through a number of initiatives run by the 1895 Trust and supported by FARE, the FAI and Shelbourne FC. Residents of the Mosney direct provision centre were invited to attend as a series of podcasts featuring Shels players’ experiencesContinue reading “Trust celebrates FARE Football People Weeks”

FARE Football People Weeks

Shelbourne face Cobh Ramblers in Tolka Park next Saturday, the 17th of October, with a number of activities planned to celebrate FARE Football People Weeks. Working alongside the FAI and the Club, we have extended an invitation to the match to a number of residents of the Mosney Direct Provision center, as part of theContinue reading “FARE Football People Weeks”